STIRVOX in a nutshell

Want to know what is going around you and all over the globe? Curious about different opinions on important topics, but bored to search for valuable information through hundreds of sources?

Then STIRVOX is for you!

STIRVOX in a nutshell (1-minute video)

combines opinions on hot topics and trends and presents various viewpoints in form of infographics.

Why should I use STIRVOX?

STIRVOX keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and trends. It supplements ordinary online news and social networks with brand-new and relevant content on all hot topics, which are created and selected by people for people.

Key benefits of STIRVOX:

  • see interesting and entertaining infographics on various topics and categories every day
  • understand opinion of citizens of your country and people all over the globe
  • filter surveys, which are most relevant to you (the most discussed, popular among friends, relevant for your country, chosen by people who are similar to you… and much more)
  • compare your opinion with opinion of your friends from social networks
  • find groups of people that think similar to you
  • discuss and comment the latest topics within the community
  • share your results and clusters in social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • follow our top users and get a preselection of interesting topics
  • become an opinion leader by creating content relevant for others

STIRVOX is available in 35 countries and in 6 languages:

Example of STIRVOX widget (interactive)

How does STIRVOX work?

STIRVOX is an ad-free, no-charge and secure-by-design crowdsourcing network for creation of surveys, polls and quizzes and participation in them. Crowdsourcing means that surveys are created by our users and the answers also come from the users of STIRVOX community. STIRVOX unites thousands of individuals all over the globe as well as different groups of citizens in one country.

This way STIRVOX helps people understand how various existing viewpoints are represented at the country level and worldwide. Using various encryption and anonymization techniques, STIRVOX allows you expressing your opinion securely and anonymously

  • 720
    Voters of Democratic Party surveyed respond differently to this survey
    4 years ago
  • image uploaded by the survey creator using Flickr API, TESLA Model S_9, author: hans-johnson [hansjohnson], license: CC BY ND 2.0
    In United States, people with medium and low income think similarly on this topic
    2 weeks ago
  • image uploaded by the survey creator using Flickr API, Jegyvizsgáló, author: ciladis [vasut], license: CC0 1.0
    In Germany, self-employed people surveyed have the same opinion on this topic
    3 month ago

  • Examples of surveys at the main page of STIRVOX

    STIRVOX matches people, who are interested in raising questions about certain topics (e.g., lifestyle, politics, sport, etc.) with people, who are eager to express their opinions on these topics.

    STIRVOX publishes easy to understand, interesting and entertaining statistical analysis of data in form of infographics, which are available for everyone right after answering the questions.

    Age filter at STIRVOX

    Are statistics interesting?

    With STIRVOX, you have insight into opinions of people of different gender, age, profession, income and political views.

    Do your friends agree with you on the latest controversial news? Where is the majority of positive answers regarding the political reform coming from? Are opinions of people, who work in economics, in Germany, Spain and Greece similar?

    All this information can be viewed in comprehensive, easy and interactive way on STIRVOX. By visualizing statistics through maps, clusters and dynamic charts, STIRVOX guarantees you a great user experience.

    Region filter (USA)


    Never heard about clusters? Don’t worry – just try them out! You will definitely love them!

    Clusters are about finding a group of people, who think the same way as you about a certain topic. Such group of people is characterized by certain traits (e.g. age, profession, education, region, etc.). An example of a social group is "IT-engineers from Berlin (Germany) at the age of 30-45".

    Much more than this, clustering tells you how your opinion corresponds to opinions of your friends from social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) and to people, who are similar to you (who have similar age, profession, education, etc.).

    of respondents from Germany
    agree with you
    People, who agree with you the most:
    Gender: Men
    Age: 18-30
    Country: United States
    City Type: Large city
    Income: Medium
    Economic Area: Information infrastructure
    Education: University
    Family: Not married
    Religious views: Not religious
    Democratic Party
    Preferred party
    Political Economy: Liberalism
    of your surveyed FRIENDS
    agree with you
    People, who agree with your FRIENDS the most:
    Gender: Women
    Age: 41-50
    Country: United States
    City Type: Medium, small city
    Income: High
    Economic Area: Physical infrastructure
    Education: University
    Family: Married
    Religious views: Protestantism
    Republican Party
    Preferred party
    Political Economy: Capitalism

    Clusters at STIRVOX

    Privacy and anonymity

    We made STIRVOX secure-by-design, because, first, we like privacy and anonymity ourselves. Second, we want to have a tool that helps people in opinion research, so we do not sell your private data or target any kind of advertisement at you.

    We use modern encryption and anonymization techniques to avoid disclosing of information about individual users and their answers in surveys. We also encrypt your answers to each survey.

    To make your usage of STIRVOX even more secure, we anonymize your user account. For instance, we remove any linkage between your email and your other user information. It means that after you complete the registration we cannot allocate your email to your username anymore.

    For us only social characteristics (such age, gender, country, etc.) are important, we do not want to know anything about your personal identity (name, address, etc.). To register at STIRVOX, a user has only to reveal his country and preferred languages of topics.

    For more information about data privacy at STIRVOX please refer to our Privacy Policy.

    Curious? Get started now!

    Try STIRVOX without registration and check how it works. For example, get started now with the following survey: «Your favorite device to access the Internet»

    Or sign up now to discover all unlimited features available for registered users! Registration is completely free and it takes you less than a minute.

    You can either sign up with social networks or create a new user account on STIRVOX.

    Discover opinions of your circle or have a look out of the box!

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